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Spanx Swimsuits

Think of Spanx swimsuits as shapewear you can swim in. Spanx bathing suits are inspired by the most recent runway trends, and will help you make a fashion statement while creating a smooth silhouette. You can choose from one-shoulder, halter, and tankini styles in modern fashion colors and styles, as well as control swim bottoms. The swimsuits are comfortable for hours of use; whether you are relaxing at the beach or sunbathing at the pool.

The magic of Spanx swimwear is their ability to make you look great from all angles: from slimming your hips to flattening your tummy and rear and fully supporting your chest and midsection. There are 4 different styles of swimsuits options to choose from: one-piece swimsuits that are built with Spanx technology on the inside, their Separates line of tummy-taming bottoms + tankini tops, a variety of skirts and dresses in various colors and prints, and a selection of cover up swimsuits.

In addition to their 4 different styles of swimsuits, Spanx offers 3 cup styles that are incorporated into their swimwear. Their Whittle Waistline Draped One-Piece comes in 3 different colors and features a flattering and feminine v-neckline with timeless hardware and a new sewn-in shelf bra with a removable foam cup. The Decadent Decollete Halter Tankini swimsuit is one of Spanx’s revolutionary designs: a floating underwire with removable foam cup that is engineered to custom-fit the bust and a shirring feature that camouflages and helps slim the torso. The Spanx Bra-llelujah One-Piece has adjustable, convertible straps that offer additional support in front, while the Bra-lellujah underwire is available in different cup sizes.

The Spanx swimwear line consists of their regular brand of slimming swimsuits and their Assets brand line of slimming swimsuits. Both brands offer slimming swimwear that accomplishes its task of making women look great, but there are some differences between the two that may influence a buyers decision and preference. The first difference between the regular line of Spanx swimsuits and their Assets line of swimsuits can be found in the pricing. To learn more about the regular line of Spanx swimwear, Click Here.

Spanx Assets Line

Assets Swim Shapewear is a brand that is owned by the Spanx Company that offers women a more affordable and cost-effective line of Spanx swimwear. When comparing prices between the regular Spanx swimwear and the Assets swimwear, the Assets line of swimsuits is generally less expensive. For example, the Golden Touch One-Piece One-Shoulder Swimsuit retails for around $106.99, while the Assets One-Piece One-Shoulder Swimsuit retails for $49.99. Both are made by Spanx, but the Assets swimsuit is at least half the price of the regular Spanx swimsuit.

This brings us to the second difference between the regular Spanx swimsuit line and their Assets swimsuit line: quality. Although both offer quality and are effective in their slimming abilities, there is a difference in the quality between both lines. Spanx swimwear products tend to be made from materials like nylon, lycra, Spandex, elastic, and mesh. Assets swimwear products are generally made from materials such as nylon and cotton.

Overall, it is generally believed that the construction of the Spanx swimsuits are more effective at slimming and contouring the shape of a woman’s body, because the materials are less flexible than the materials used in Assets swimsuits. Also, the Spanx swimsuits generally last longer versus their Assets counterparts, which means you pay more upfront, but will have to replace them less often. What’s great about the whole line of Spanx swimwear- regular Spanx and Assets Spanx- is the variety that it offers in both quality and price. This means that there are options that will suit every need and taste, which is a winning solution for everybody.

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